Wednesday, July 8, 2009

meet hannah!

Good afternoon to you all! It is rainy here in Chicago today, the perfect time for an introduction to our Semi-Custom line's Hannah: Hannah is a natural beauty, your go-to girl. Everything she wears looks instantly new, now and effortlessly chic.

Everyone knows a girl like Hannah. The classic beveled text box on this layout makes it your "go-to" layout, the one you can't go wrong with no matter what swatch you use, and every swatch makes that beveled box look new, now and effortlessly chic. That's Hannah.

Now here's Hannah in other swatches on folded notes, invitations, labels, calling cards and photo cards. Irresistible, right

Drop us a line to order this fabulous program--either as a new retailer for both Completely Custom and Semi-Custom, or as an add-on to your already fabulous Completely Custom easel.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

meet suzy!

Today we're pleased to introduce Suzy from our Semi-Custom line. Suzy is classic with a dash of the exotic. Her house is filled with things that hint of time spent in far-off places. She is the one to have at dinner parties.

Note how the Suzy layout gives everything a clean, contemporary look, but without being too modern. And how cute is Suzy in a different pattern? Can't you just picture matching gift labels for a little boy?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

give, invite gather: the girls

We are thrilled to give you a peek at our soon to launch Semi-Custom line. Semi-Custom lets you apply any of 35 of our most popular imprintables swatches to 4 different layouts, called collections. Each collection represents a distinctive layout style that changes the look of any swatch to suit your mood, taste or event. Collections offer the same 6 products: invitations, folded notes, photo cards, calling cards & 2 label styles, all personalized and made to order.

To help translate each collection's signature
style, we gave them a name and a personality. They're our "girls", and they'll help you and your customers give, invite and gather with style. So, let's make some introductions!

First, meet Olivia, shown below in swatch #500. Olivia is a big city girl who throws great cocktail parties and loves fresh flowers all over her apartment. She is, above all else, fun. Can't you just imagine her?

And here is the Olivia collection invitation shown in swatch #520. A different swatch changes the look while retaining Olivia's innate sense of style.

After the holiday weekend, we'll introduce you to the rest of "the girls". More info on the Semi-Custom/Completely Custom easel program here.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

gather: your thoughts

Here it is, July 1, and already the "need to get organized for the school year" feeling is settling in. As forms for preschool, middle school, sports, etc. arrive in the mail daily, I am overcome with a need to figure out how to keep track of it all, how to remember to get everything done while still enjoying summer. I must not be alone, as here in the office we're seeing an uptick in orders for our personalized desk calendars, shown above.

From our Completely Custom line, these calendars are not your average calendar. As with all Completely Custom items, you can customize your calendar with the design of your choice, in the colors of your choice and the font and font color of your choice! And, the calendar can start in any month. How great is that?!? Many we've sold lately start in August or September. The result is a calendar that reflects your style and your schedule and at 11" x 17", is large enough to double as a desk blotter.

One of our customers--also a good personal friend--bought one for her darling pre-teen daughter. She said her daughter immediately went to work with her pack of markers, marking important dates in a variety of colors that coordinated with her calendar's design (she went with a different design in pink & brown--so cute!). The calendar sits on her daughter's desk, matching her bedroom decor perfectly!

So, if the impending beginning of the school year is weighing heavily on your mind, we invite you to pick up a personalized calendar (and maybe some matching notesheets, too) and you will at least LOOK more organized than ever!