Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stop the gift wrapping madness!

To make sure you'll always have what you need to wrap your hostess and birthday gifts, think in terms of the supply closet at work: Designate one place to put all your gift-wrapping supplies (it could be a closet, but it could also be a drawer, a plastic bin or even a box under your bed) and you'll have everything ready to go.

For gift-giving with ease, stock up on these gift-wrap essentials during your next trip to your local craft store:
• tissue paper in bright colors;
• paper handle sacks, either white or kraft paper (your kids can use crayons and markers to custom-design them for their friends), or in colors and fun designs;
• the Sunday comic pages (in color, or let your kids color in the black-and-white strips);
• a ball or two of brightly colored yarn;
gift labels, either blank or customized with your name, your kids' names, a fun greeting--you get the idea.
• stationery such as notecards and envelopes for the times when you want to include a quick note with a gift.

You might also want to put some scissors and tape, and a couple of Sharpie markers, in there as well. With these supplies in one place, where everyone can find them, you've got wrapping paper, goody bags, gift bags, tags or labels and fun, colorful, creative gift-wrap solutions always on hand, at the ready.

As a follow up to this post, Jenny is going to provide some comic relief with some shots of her current gift wrapping supply...closet? bin? drawer? (More like, none of the above) and then she's going to show you what happens after applying these fabulous tips. Stay tuned!

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