Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sneak Peek #2

{sneak peek two}

Customers may have less money to spend, but life's events - birthdays, weddings, babies - still go on.

Grab and go gifts like our super-cute Monogram Magnets are an inexpensive and easy way to add a dash of personality to any gift. How cute are these for tacking up memos on the fridge or locker? Using an idea from Country Living Magazine, we use old metal trays to make a quick (and recycled) memo board for keeping track of our kids' homework, party invitations, sports events, etc., and we love how we look oh-so organized!

Displayed on and in a small paint can (shown above), this is the perfect eye-catching display for the check out area. Also check out our fabulous Initial Magnets, available in 3 patterns.

Don't miss all these fabulous displays in our booth at NSS--Booth #2547

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  1. love the new magnets! can't wait to see them! hopefully i'll be able to see you tomorrow before you're done with set-up. if not, i'm sure i'll see you sunday! glad your prints turned out well! i got my 3rd album today. minus one large spot of dirt on one page it's beautiful. punched the holes myself and it looks great. still need to finish assembly, but will be done tonight!